It may have been 17 years since this band hit it big time, but Blur still have the ability to steal the attention from new talent, as seen at this year’s Brit Awards. Despite having to follow the controversial Adele cut off, Blur still managed to turn the pop filled night into 1995 Brit Pop all over again. The band broke into their hit number 1 single ‘Girls and Boys’ after Adele left the stage and completely changed the tone of the evening. Everybody in the audience from teenagers to late 30s got up dancing alone to Damon Albarn’s sarcastic lyrics.

The band then broke into ‘Song 2’, Blur’s most recognisable rock song with the room singing back after Damon’s howling “Woo Hoo”. For their final song of the ITV slot the band bought out Phil Daniels with Albarn declaring that he was the “back bone” for the band. Together they performed Blur’s other hit single ‘Parklife’, it gave a feel to the room as if it had gone back to 1996 to remember the great days when Blur were on top form. For me personally, the best song of the evening was the live performance of ‘Tender’, with an orchestra and gospel choir supporting the band, it bought the room to a calm mood after the first lively 3 songs. When guitarist Graham Coxon got to his solo singing part of the song, Damon stood behind him proving that their relationship, despite their earlier disagreements was as strong as ever. Hopefully, this will last till the end of the summer as on the night the band announced that they were due to perform at Hyde Park for the Olympic Closing Ceremony.

However watching this performance made me believe that was music really at its best in the mid-90s. With bands such as Blur, Pulp and both Gallagher brother’s still heavily featured in the charts makes me question if we all want to re-live a better time or whether we keep on bringing back old music because we can’t find any good music in this day and age?