“We are all sitting ducks here. We can't get out of the city. If they want to bomb the city we are all just waiting.” (a quote from a federal employee). If you were to set foot into New York City on the day 11th September 2001 you would have come across a scene of demolition and devastation. A maelstrom of noises would have besieged your ears, noises of a city hitting destruction. Police sirens, ambulances, car horns, fire engines and human cries would have taken you into the trauma all citizens went through on that dreadful day. A duration of only a mere 3 hours had the ability to take one of the world's most robust cities into a near state of wreckage.

The planes had been hijacked by 8 AM, halted minutes after their take off from Logan airport in Boston. An American Airlines Boeing 757 due to land in San Francisco and a Boeing 767 due to land in LA. At this time, New Yorkers were making their commute to workplaces, many to the World Trade Centre. The first collision came around 9:30 am, hitting the 1st building of the World Trade Centre.

Yet the city was unaware that this pandemonium of terror had not yet concluded. “Get them out of here. We've got another threat coming up.” The command of a police man as civilians were propelled off the site.

The final crash occurred at 10:27 AM, with the velocity to bring down the entire 2nd building of the World Trade Centre. The assumption of a drastic and terrible mistake was altered into speculation of a terrorist attack. Airports were closed and all flights currently over US ground were commanded to land. Public sites and national landmarks were shut down. By mid-morning, the usual sighting of populated bridges and streets had been altered into a scene of absolute silence. Smoke pervaded the air as helicopters circled the streets. The scenery resembled a country at war.

Many workers had been trapped inside the two buildings, encircled with smoke and fire; many saw no other option than to jump a colossal height which took 10 seconds to fall. Onlookers were shocked to see that what they had previously assumed to be debris falling from the building to be humans.

September 11th is a crucial day for American history. Though a day of terror and morbidity, a chance to remember those who risked themselves to help others, the great souls America lost, and the families grieving for their losses.