Isabel Watson is a fourteen year old student at Gumley House Convent School but also a keen fashion blogger, stylist and designer; proved when she was scouted to be part of Disney’s new show ‘Fashion Wizards’, which aired this October.

I went to find out more about the young fashion wiz; Isabel’s interest in fashion was inspired by fabrics, garments and magazines. Her blog was encouraged by a competitive motivation to improve her Fashion Knowledge and credentials to help with aspirations to work in fashion in the future.

Isabel attended a filmed audition for Disney, “When I turned up on the audition day I was expecting high competition and couldn't have been more nervous...because lots of the other children were stage school kids there was no way I thought for one second I would get through” The main part of the day was a one hour challenge to customise or make something, to Isabel's shock she got through!

Isabel's favourite parts of the show were styling (adapting their style for high-street Fashionistas) as styling is one of her many favourite parts of fashion, “I liked the catwalk more as it was like seeing my dreams come true!”

Isabel’s advice to other young fashionistas is to get your name out there, to note down all ideas and also to “Read lots of magazines to extend your knowledge. At the end of the day if you have a 'Passion for Fashion', you'll love researching and creating!”

You can find Isabel's blog at: