By Rod Chunn, Mitcham

I was most interested to see your front page about the councillor sacked for ripping down the posters.

It seems there is now one law for some and another for others.

A few years ago I was threatened with legal action by our local MP because I put up posters protesting about removing our local bus service, which she supported (and eventually, a couple of years later got her way).

Similarly, I have been warned not to put up posters about lost animals, as this is fly posting according to Merton Council.

And I know for a fact that a number of posters have been removed by council employees.

So why was this councillor sacked for doing what the Council instruct their own employees to do, namely remove illegally posted notices?

I don’t know the ins and outs of this particular school proposal, and to be honest, as I have no children, I don’t much care, as long as whatever it is results in better use of my council tax.

But I do find it strange that this action has been taken against this man (whose political party I may add I do not support) when others are allowed to fly post against the rules apparently.

Personally, I smell a very big rat here. Let’s have a bit of investigative journalism and get to the bottom of it please.

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