Yesterday night hundreds of Michael Jackson fans gathered at Trafalgar Square to celebrate the musician's life and to mourn his death.

From 8pm till as late as 3am, MJ fans from as far as Hampshire clustered together, participating in a range of festivities at the event, partly organised by Facebook, word of mouth and advertised on Capital radio.

The fans paid tribute to Michael in a range of forms: from silent candle-lit vigils to Michael Jackson inspired dance-offs and of course the gathering of admirers in the middle of the square, brought together and led by a man in a red top hat, remembered by his ability to swallow a balloon and his sound system. Here the devotees sang together some of his most memorable tunes, (interrupted by the occasional cheers and chants of “Michael!”) such as “Smooth Criminal”, “Thriller”, “Off the wall” and naturally “Beat it”, while onlookers held up phones, lighters and glow sticks collectively to pay their respects.

It was a great moment for all Londoners, and obvious that others all around the world and London were also paying tribute towards Michael Jackson. Brought together by their love of the celebrated singer, dancer and song-writer, as everyone sung “Black or White”, it was clear that this one man will never be forgotten.

By Georgia Wright