Our Urban Shop is a unique pilot project that will help urban communities overcome the issue of accessing good food and everyday provisions, through community-owned shops. The project will provide funding and advice to communities co-ordinated by community-ownership experts the Plunkett Foundation and Locality, and is funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

The project is an exciting opportunity for commuuities in Streatham to address the challenges they experience and find out how together they can run their own local food shops. The pilot will include a programme of inspiring events, enterprise support including specialist advice and resources, and financial help including grants, fundraising guidance and loan-provision. The programme starts today and will run for two years.

Our Urban Shop is calling people that live in Streatham to share their experiences of buying food in their local area. The project organisers want to hear from residents who are facing challenges when shopping for food and everyday provisions. Has the local shop closed-down? Do residents struggle to get affordable and healthy local food? Communities can share their experiences and express an interest in Our Urban Shop by 5.00pm on Monday 16 June by visiting http://www.communityshops.coop/urban or by calling 01993 810730. Plunkett will then be in touch with further details on how to participate in the pilot.

Based on information supplied by Claire Keith-Anderson.