A special event on November 25 deserves mention in your paper.

This day is White Ribbon Day, which is when men wear a white ribbon and pledge that they will neither cause, nor threaten, nor condone, violence toward women.

Wandsworth Victim Support is promoting this day to raise awareness of the issue of domestic violence. We have secured the council chamber for a short period in the morning of the 25th and have invited all 60 councillors representing the wards of Wandsworth, along with the mayor.

We are also encouraging all council employees to be aware and for male staff to wear a white ribbon.

There will also be representatives of other agencies from the borough who deal with domestic violence issues.

There will be large banners outside the council offices promoting White Ribbon Day.

We are intending to give a brief talk, to advise everyone of exactly what White Ribbon Day is.

In addition, there will be a hand-painting unveiled which will have the handprints of prominent members of the community, and the painting is entitled: “The hands will cause not harm to women.”

Domestic violence co-ordinator