In response to the letter in this weeks guardian from Anna. I too have been a 'victim' and have appealed and fortunately had the parking fine of £60 revoked.

I paid for three hours parking. On return to my car after two hours found a parking ticket because the first letter of my registration had not printed on the ticket so making the ticket invalid.

I spoke to the warden and explained that there was not another car in the car park with the same registration and I had paid for wellover the time I needed.

There is no reason I would miss a letter off and suggested that the machine is faulty...

Since then I have again had two mis printed tickets and met with others in the car park who have had the same thing.

The first letter missing on the ticket.. but had to pay the fine...

I have reported this to the parking enforcement at Sutton.. Is it some kind of money making scam and how many people have been caught??

Karen Beswick Wallington