How strange that come the end of the financial year the Council instigate work repaving large sections of the pavement in Woodcote Road (Wallington High Street).

Many was the time I have walked along there, bemoaning the treacherous, uneven pavements - what a hazard.

Thank goodness the council have seen fit to repave this area, both sides of the road no less. In this age of austerity we clearly couldn't have done without it.

I'm sure commisioning this work now had nothing to do with the notion of spending the budget now lest it be reduced next year, no not a bit of it i'm sure.

Equally, I'm sure local businesses will be grateful that the free parking along Woodcote Road has been removed. It was only for 30 minutes or so anyway.

I'm sure no one local was ever enticed to pop into Wallington knowing it was one of the few places on the borough where you could park a car for a few minutes for free. No one has cars on the borough anyway do we?

No indeed, we hate car drivers in Sutton. That's why parking on a meter currently costs £1.60 for 30 minutes.

Well done Sutton Council. Nice to see you spending our council tax so sensibly.

New Road, Hackbridge