Dear Editor, As a part of tackling anti-social behavior in Epsom I feel it is important to improve services and the green areas in Epsom.

If we are to encourage young people to grow into responsible adults we need to make sure there are facilities to help them.

In Reigate, the Priory Park is an excellent example of using lottery money to improve services for children and young people.

I believe, that by investing in young people, we are investing in the future of Epsom, making it a better place for everyone to live.

Growing up as a teenager in Epsom, I found that there were hardly any free activities.

I would like to see the parks in Epsom redesigned to provide more activities for young people all year round. Rosebery Park has enough space for a cafeteria and facilities for older teenagers like a skate park as seen at Priory Park in Reigate.

Presently these spaces are kept in poor repair, with so much untapped potential.

Mrs Jane Race, Conservative Candidate for College Ward.