I am forwarding this letter to you, as a disgruntled member of the Croydon population and I am not the only one!

I am fed-up with, Croydon Council paying, 'lip-service,' to what goes on around Croydon, by pretending to engaged the public, to, 'get involved,' but they have actual made up their minds already and manipulate the outcome by stealth, (like a certain card most of us know), deluding the public into thinking they are making the decisions? We are not ALL ignorant morons as the council seem to think us!

After attending this gathering yesterday, I felt insulted by the presentation. I was asked what design and colour I liked and had only the displayed designs and colours shown to me, to choose from, which had already been chosen by some design firm, also and probably given a limited tunnel-visioned choice in the first place. The designs were unimpressive and the colours drab and dreary. The only way I would use these colours, as I told them, is to make DPM clothing.

Croydon, 'Old Town,' was drab and dreary, was it?

I trust you have followed my drift? What say you, or am I just wasting my time trying to get some, 'common sense,' out of a bunch of unelected petty bureaucrats in Taberner House, running our lives? They are Council workers who work in an office, nothing else!!! And, as local government civil servants, are they not only, but also supposed to serve us? They are like robots in a factory, like the Social Services, but that is another story...

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Artur J. N. Oborski