Gavin Barwell MP loves casting personal aspersions upon his critics rather than dealing with the criticisms themselves.

What a defeatist, inconsistent and dissembling letter in last week’s paper as Barwell condemned himself through his own words.

As regards impending riot trouble Barwell "received no communication whatsoever" from the authorities. An appalling admission. No contact from the MP whatsoever after 200 youths had gathered in Croydon for trouble the night before the main riot and when many Croydonians were aware of the Monday morning warning of trouble given to town centre traders. A Croydon police Gold liaison meeting at 9 am Monday briefed those local Croydon leaders who would have attended.

Although he had no "communication whatsoever" Barwell did speak to the Home Secretary's chief adviser. This, I hope, was a call before the troubles seeking extra police cover. May be it wasn’t as he runs this call in his letter into the call from the Prime Minister's office which will have been to co-ordinate a post-riot visit.

Barwell inconsistently says he was in town until advised to leave by the police when his website at 10.11 pm on the night of the riots says "I was at the AGM of the South Norwood Residents Association this evening. As I drove home, I saw several plumes of smoke rising from Croydon town centre. Given what's happened elsewhere in London over the last two days, I feared the worst and sure enough when I got home and turned on the TV I saw the shocking pictures."

Yes Mr. Barwell, I have good reason to be displeased by the unjustified, vitriolic material put out at the last election by you. But no Mr. Barwell, I’m not "bitter", just better.

Andrew Pelling
9 Altyre Road
East Croydon