Wednesday was a great day in the office, writes Stuart Amos.

Not only was the warm afterglow of a Brentford victory sitting in the belly – thanks for that Mr Donaldson – but a fine upstanding member of the sports desk team topped up that feeling in the stomach with what has been dubbed Vicki sponge Wednesday.

A good Vicki sponge, as we all know, has a hint of vanilla in the base and top, is filled with strawberry jam with butter icing and has a sprinkling of caster sugar.

Served with a mug of tea, it is the ultimate antidote to a hangover.

By all accounts, Brentford’s response to the 2-0 defeat at Sheffield Wednesday was something similar.

There was a hint of something different added to the norm – Uwe made the odd change or two.

Then there was a bit of jam–- an own goal to give the boys the lead – followed by some butter icing from Donaldson to complete the picture.

A sprinkling of sugar was the three points and a spot in the top six for a successful return to form following the disappointment of Hillsborough and Edgar Street.

So Bees fans enjoyed the equivalent of a sticky treat on Tuesday, so hopefully Leyton Orient this weekend will provide the cheeseboard and port.

Casting my eye to the Hampton’s Beveree Stadium and you have to feel some sympathy for the Beavers.

Two games, two 2-1 defeats – both to late goals. They will get it right I’m sure, but they are probably tucking into upside down pudding in terms of football at the moment.

It could be worse. Spare a thought for Hampton’s Blue Square South rivals Sutton United.

Lose 5-0 at home to Woking on Saturday, 24 hours after striker Bradley Woods-Garness is remanded in custody – on charges of intimidation of a witness – awaiting trial in January.

Midfielder Tom Davis leaves the club and, when it seems things can’t get any worse, they return to form with a 4-1 win over Tonbridge Angels on Tuesday night.

Just goes to show....... a Vicki sponge can be just around the corner.

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