Strikers are funny creatures.

You sign one and expect them to be the answer to all your prayers.

But at the end of the day (Ed – lovely cliché that), it really is pot luck if they live up to expectations or not.

Take Charlie MacDonald for example.

He arrived at Griffin Park three years ago with an eye for goal in non-League football, but without the cast iron stats to back it up.

He has – rightly – become a fans favourite for his hard work, penchant for body ink and, of course, the odd important strike or two.

But it is fair to say his industry has created more chances for others than the 45-goals he has to his name in a Brentford shirt.

He bagged four in the pre-season friendly at Tonbridge Angels and followed that up with the deciding strike against Stoke City.

By contrast, new boy Clayton Donaldson arrives with a goal-a-game record at Crewe Alexandra, but is yet to find the back of the net for his new club.

But don’t worry.....because Uwe Rosler certainly isn’t.

He says the 27-year-old is an important part of the way his team will play this term.

The flip side of that may be that Charlie Mac will be replaced of the creative burden that comes with leading the Bees’ forward line?

The former Chalton Athletic man could get a new lease of life with Donaldson providing the breathing apparatus all striker thrive on – chances.

A switch of roles at last for the former Ealing Road Comedies player of the year.

You can ‘check the stats’ all you like on this one, but providing the Bees find the net on a regular basis I don’t really care who gets the goals.

Arsenal legend Denis Bergkamp was a decent strike, but not as prolific as Ian Wright.

The same can be said of the Beardsley-Lineker combination for England.

When weas the last time Charlie played alongside who provided chances like he was shelling peas.

I’m not saying Donaldson could be the new messiah, but having watched Uwe’s boys thus far, the manager knows what he’s talking about.

Let’s wait and see how it pans out.

As published in the Richmond & Twickenham Times on July 29, 2011.

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