Managerial debate is a tricky one

11:13am Thursday 19th May 2011

By Will Gore

Another week goes by and, as I’m sure you are well aware, Brentford are still yet to hire a new manager. Many a Bees fan is taking to the internet to vent their frustration, while also stopping off to give their opinion on exactly who our next gaffer should be.

From Paul Buckle to Steve Coppell, there doesn’t seem to be a name, except perhaps Peter Shreeves, that hasn’t been suggested and the longer the wait goes on, the more anxious people are getting.

While I’m more desperate than an orange-skinned Scouse bird on Take Me Out to find out who our next manager is going to be, I’m also trying to stay nice and relaxed about the whole thing – whatever will be, will be, and all that.

I’m probably failing in my duties as a columnist when I say this, but I genuinely don’t have any strong opinions on who our next gaffer should be.

I’m just praying to any God that will have me that the board get it right.

God knows us Brentford fans have seen the powers that be drop some almighty clangers in the past. Mere mention of the names Rosenior and Butcher are enough to make most of us spontaneously burst into uncontrollable floods of tears.

And if a reminder was ever needed as to the importance of this kind of decision then it was dished out this week in the shape of West Ham United’s relegation from the Premiership.

No matter how many times people tell you Avram Grant is a good bloke, it won’t change the fact that he is a dreadful football manager.

Any idiot knows that, except, it seems, the trio of idiots – David Gold, David Sullivan and Karren ‘two Rs’ Brady - who run West Ham.

They are a threesome more unappealing than you’d find in one of Sullivan’s jazz mags and the irony of Brady dishing out business advice to the wannabes on The Apprentice is, quite frankly, bloody hilarious.

They fact they employed Grant and the way they handled the club afterwards, highlights the vital need for level heads in the boardroom.

With the support of Matthew Benham it seems that Brentford have a genuine opportunity to have a crack at promotion next season, but that’s only if we get the right man in to take charge.

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