Practice what you preach is the trending message for Sutton

Now it's become an accessory for High streets all across London to have preachers confronting their missionaries, with a portable mic in their hand and a bible in the other, shouting, dancing, praying, singing. Sutton community welcomes all believers of different kinds of faiths inducing a united marketplace, yet the majority of suttoners admittedly avoid the preachers when plodding around town.

When a person is opening up their voice, they will speak on gut instinct and their subconscious desires are exposed to the refrained surface of the outside world. Hence, the preachers feel positively nourished for they feel right about what they are doing as they are saying God's words that they have practiced. If these words are the legitimate words from god then there is a clear reason for them to preach so that they are able to share the nourishment they receive towards the public.

It can be seen as an advantage for Sutton to hear ambitious voices as living in a divided nation it is essential to experience a plurality of ideas in order to uncover what surrounds us outside our territory. Therefore it makes sense to have preachers, preaching on the high street, as it is a great opportunity to explore the idea in an open environment with lots of people soaking in the information. some are willing to learn about religious ideas. A member from Sutton high street reviewed and embraced their efforts "I'm at the bottom of the high street and as I walk up to the top I can see a massive crowd and I'm always curious why it always gets busy up there, when I realise that everyone has stopped to see the Bhakti people in full spirit chanting the Hare Krishna mantra! Their joyful energy is what Sutton should feed on!" It is important to appreciate religion even if it is a different one to what we believe in because religion is tool mechanised to connect with our spiritual senses, this form being unused more than ever in modern life. So stopping to listen before whizzing to buy that biro pen and crossword at WHSmiths will only prolong the time by a few seconds, but that time will buy you a replenished mind.

Sutton's celebrity guru, Conrad Pugskey, the wizard himself, is against all ideas of preaching, and most suttoners stand by him. The wizard of Sutton has been roaming around Sutton for years, consistently catching attention by his purple garment, elaborate-ring covered fingers and a mysterious feline friend perching on his shoulder. His dress code comes with a magical religion, the oldest religions ever existed. The wizard has stayed loyal to his religion ever since he was introduced to the draconian world when he studied at the university of Scotland, but not once has he preached his faith. Years ago he was interviewed by a local reporter, Telling him that He refuses to preach but is open to teach if people approach him. He believes that "preaching is hypocracy because god says the hypocrite loves to show off by preaching and praying on the highways, in the marketplace and on the street corners, and by doing so they are hypocrites"

We all have our opinions about this topic however, the government enforces a law for street preaching, considering it as a legal activity. If the government respects this concept, locals should accept it happening on high streets. One thing that separates Sutton from oxford street, is that there is enough space for Everyone on the street!