Joachim Low insisted he was never worried about Germany being knocked out of Euro 2012 by Denmark, even though at one stage his men were one goal away from elimination.

With Portugal leading against Holland going into the last 20 minutes, one goal for Denmark would have been enough to see them qualify together with the Portuguese and send Germany, who had won their first two group games, back home but Lars Bender's goal handed Germany a 2-1 victory and ended any doubt.

"I had a plan," said Low. "Of course I had considered what would have happened if Denmark had in some way suddenly scored a goal but I never had that feeling."

He added: "I was pretty relaxed because it doesn't get you anywhere when you panic.

"Bastian Schweinsteiger and Sami Khedira were always in control and I just had the feeling we would score."

Low's confidence was based on what he had seen in the first hour of the game in Lviv, during which Germany appeared in control.

"Denmark played with a stoic calmness and it seemed like they could not care less," he said.

"I never had the feeling that Denmark were playing to win it. They wanted to keep the result, were happy with the draw and then maybe they would get a free-kick or corner that they could take advantage of, but they did not attack much.

"They sat back a lot, even though they had to win. They had one or two good chances, but no more than that, and I think in the second half we did a decent job given the pressure.

"Maybe had we played Holland or Portugal (in the final group game), they would have done more for a win than Denmark did."