Matt LeBlanc has revealed he needed "a couple of cups of coffee" to get him fired up when playing Joey Tribbiani in Friends.

The actor, who stars as an egotistical version of himself in the BBC Two comedy Episodes, made his name as loveable ladies' man Joey on the hit US sitcom.

Matt told Grazia: "I used to need a couple of cups of coffee just to get the energy level that was required to play Joey.

"This guy (in Episodes) is a lot more laid-back, so closer to me in that regard."

He added: "Joey was always the nice guy who meant well but this character is the exact opposite. He's completely unaware of the consequences of his actions."

Matt, who is back for a second series of Episodes, said in real life he was much nicer than his alter ego in the show.

"I'm the guy who always tries to crack a joke if things get awkward. It must be why I went into comedy," he explained.