Steve Coogan has admitted he found it upsetting playing porn baron Paul Raymond.

The Alan Partridge star plays the 'King of Soho' in Michael Winterbottom's new film The Look Of Love, which charts his successful career running strip clubs, as well as his disastrous relationships and tragic family life.

Steve told ES magazine: "At the end of 24 Hour Party People I wanted to carry on being [music mogul] Tony Wilson because it was such fun. At the end of this film I wanted to stop being Paul Raymond because it wasn't a happy place to be.

"But quite frankly, give me a choice between Mary Whitehouse and Paul Raymond, and I'll take Paul Raymond any day of the week."

But Anna Friel enjoyed playing Paul's first wife Jean Raymond.

She revealed: "I think she was a tough cookie, good at her job as a choreographer and she genuinely loved [Paul] before he had money, which shows the love came from a true place.

"She ended up being hurt at the end of the day. But she was strong and when he did her wrong she was willing to fight for her rights and ended up with the biggest divorce settlement of the time. [£250,000, in 1974].

"As an actress, I liked being able to play her through the decades, from 22 to 56.'

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