A new set of toilets are "near the top" of the shopping list for Sutton United after becoming flushed with money.

The clubs chairman Bruce Elliot said the £150,000 which they made from a loo-crative FA Cup run, which ended with defeat to Notts County on December 5, will be wisely spent.

Just in case this years success is a flash in the pan for the club, Mr Elliot said the money must be spent on the clubs infrastructure.

He said: "We could easily spend the money in five minutes, but we want to spend it on what is most important for the club.

It is no secret we need some new toilets are the club, and it is near the top of the shopping list."

As well as toilets, the chairman wants a new boiler, and potentially a new air conditioning united for the clubs executive suite. He said: "Whether it's boilers or new toilets, it doesn't really matter, jobs need to be done around the ground."

Despite manager Paul Doswell telling the nations press he would like a new striker, his chairman believes the current crop of players can take the club forward.

He said: "The manager, bless his little heart, understands what the club needs. We have a good squad of players and the future is certainly looking better than it did before the cup run."

The club recently had to splash out £10,000 on a new fire alarm system for the ground and so the new money pays for that, according to the chairman, and the rest, he said, can be "put away for a rainy day".