Here we go again.

After the euphoria of last month’s FA Cup draw with Chelsea Brentford came crashing back to earth with a 3-1 defeat to play-off rivals Yeovil Town.

The signifcance of the fact the Bees have now conceded six goals in two League One encounters with the Glovers will not be lost on boss Uwe Rosler.

Ever since the potential fourth round encounter with the Blues came out of the hat after a third round draw with Southend on January 5, Brentford have won only one  league game.

No matter how often the players say they are not distracted by the prospect of taking on the European champions, the statistics tend to suggest otherwise.

Rosler has led his team to a strong position in League One and they are in danger of squandering the chance of promotion unless they address the slump sharpish.

Bury are the visitors to Griffin Park tomorrow – a game that never fills me with any enthusiasm.

Not because I fear the Bees will lose, but because Bury are usually so dreadfully dull to watch.

The same can be said for Stevenage Borough the following Tuesday – thankfully fans can pay as much as they can afford to see that one, providing they purchase their tickets in advance.

That will be the final game before next Sunday’s trip to Stamford Bridge, where the world and his dog will be waiting to see the Bees get thumped.

The Chelsea players were quick to blame the conditions for the 2-2 draw in the original clash, but Rosler’s Bees like to pass the ball just as much as their Premier League hosts, so the Bridge should suit both teams down to the ground.

I for one am looking forward to watching Harry Forrester giving Branislav Ivanovic the runaround once more.

Brentford’s allocation of tickets for the game are all-but sold out, so a roast dinner and a glass of wine in front of the telly next Sunday will be the order of the day for many.

Pass the horseradish?