So here we are.

Ninety-one days since the end of last season, the nation will plug itself back in to get its football fix.

The cricket season still has nearly two months to run, we haven’t had the World Athletics Championships yet and the final golf major of the year is still to be played – not to mention the tennis.

You wouldn’t have thought the UK summer had even started judging by some of the weather we have had this year.

But the football season is already reminding us time stops for no one and that the autumn is well and truly on its way.

Under normal circumstances an away trip to Yeovil Town would have been a lovely way to start out on the trail to League One glory.

Thankfully – given the current forecast and weather we had yesterday – the footballing powers-that-be have decided the Bees should remain in west London for the first weekend of the new campaign.

Cider drunk from a pint glass at the Princess of Wales may not be the same as drinking scrumpy in the west country, but it is less hassle.

With the exception of Toumani Diagouraga – and the odd doubt over Leon Legge’s calf – Brentford should start the season at full-strength on Saturday.

Young Jake Reeves’ emergence during pre-season is probably the hot talking point when it comes to the line-up boss Uwe Rosler may prefer to start his campaign.

Don’t be surprised if the teenager will probably start alongside new boy Jonathan Douglas – who, likewise, has been in good form – and it is no more than he deserves.

Players to have successfully come through the youth ranks to establish themselves in the Griffin Park first-team are few and far between.

Karleigh Osborne and captain Kevin O’Connor are the best examples of recent years, but each took their time.

Which is why I hope the Bees faithful give him the time and space – even if League One’s band of tough tackling, journeyman midfielders won’t – to develop.

And as for the Bees they should capitalise on home comforts and make a decent start.

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