Teddington swimming club’s Jacob Patterson claimed a whopping six gold medals at the London Regional Championships, which finished at the weekend.

The 11-year-old triumphed in the 200m backstroke, 100m freestyle, 400m freestyle, 100m backstroke, 200m medley and 200m freestyle across the two weekend event.

Older sister Alice Patterson, 13, did not let her side down as she won the 100m breast stroke, while 12-year-old Sophie Fussell won the 100m breast stroke and 200m breast stroke.

Thalia Poaros won 200m butterfly gold to go with a 100m butterfly, 400m medley and 200m medley bronze medals, while Alice Smail claimed gold in the 100m butterfly to add to 800m freestyle relay and 400m medley relay bronze medals.

There were further individual medals for Toby Tolson and Anna Smail.

Teddington head coach and Olympian Ed Sinclair said: “The results show that our next generation of swimmers is looking very strong.

“This is not something that has happened over night it's been a long process of training and self belief.”