Beaten Ham House Trophy finalist Benjie Davis paid tribute to Ham Polo Club's polo manager Will Healy after the experienced star inspired Quadriga to the title on Sunday.

Healy and New Zealander Charlie Wood were in fine form as Quadriga triumphed 9-7 in a dramatic final that had seen them trailing 4-2 at half time.

The winners hit back to lead 7-5 after the crucail third chukka and while Cavaliers - for whim Davis starred alongside Martin Roman - hit back to level matters in the final chukka, two fouls cost them dear as Quadriga prevailed.

"We played three very good disciplined chukkas and then gave a couple of fouls away in the last one, which happens. You get caught by the umpires and two penalties and you're down," said 28-year-old Davis. 

"There was one horse in the third chukka that the polo manager was playing, that changed the game quite a lot and gave them the edge.

"Will Healy was by far the best mounted player.  He was playing some very good horses."