Kingston boxer Anthony Ayinde is out for revenge when he gets his first shot at title glory.

The 22-year-old welterweight will step through the ropes next month to challenge for the vacant Queensbury Boxing League novice welterweight title against old rival Ashley Dansie.

Ayinde has strung together an impressive run of victories in the competition since his first and only loss against Dansie on his Queensbury debut back in September of 2013.

The youngster admitted he was a little ring rusty back then, but would be better this time around.

“When I met Dansie on my debut I had taken the fight at only 10 days notice and just wasn’t fit enough,” he said.

“But this time I’m coming into the fight with plenty of time to prepare and you’re going to see a very different result.

“Since that first meeting we’ve both come a long way and are both more experienced in the league, and this time I feel that I’m going to be a much more dangerous fighter.”