A 62 year old woman who has spent four years riding a horse from one Olympic Games to the next stopped off in Tadworth on the final leg of her marathon journey.

Megan Lewis, 62, has dealt with deserts, mountains, broken ribs and dying horses in her 8,000-mile charity trek spanning 12 countries from Beijing to London.

She set off from the Great Wall of China and aims to reach Greenwich on Monday, July 23 - but stopped off at the Wildwoods Training and Riding Centre in Ebbisham Lane, Tadworth, on Wednesday evening along with two Chinese riders and two of her relatives.

The Welsh pony breeder mounted the challenge for charity Challenge Aid, which raises money for disadvantaged children and is run by her husband.

Pamela Towill and Anthea Chambers, who run the horse training centre, are delighted to be a part of history.

Mrs Towill said: "There are not many 62-year-olds who would do this. 

"It’s incredible and fascinating as Megan has travelled across the world.

"She is an amazing woman.  We are honoured that she even asked us to put her up for the night. 

"We encourage people who want to do work for charity and this is something worth supporting."

Ms Lewis said she believes she is the first person on a horse to ride the Great Wall of China and to cross Eurasia on horseback.

She said: "I have had various setbacks.

"I broke six ribs and punctured a lung in the first week, which set me back.   But you just keep your head down and keep going.

"We lost one or two horses but it was nothing to do with the ride, it was bad luck during the rest period."

But as Ms Lewis approaches her final destination she is saddled with a huge problem.

After dreaming of a welcome party at Shooters Hill’s equestrian resource centre in Greenwich she has been refused entry by Greenwich Council on health and safety grounds as the site is "still being built".

She will be welcomed by Bexley and Bromley councils on her way to Greenwich instead, but said it was "a bit of anti-climax".

She added: "In the long run it doesn’t make any different but at the time it makes you feel you have achieved something."

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