A dog lover has launched his own canine Olympics to raise money for charity.

Peter Callaway, 55, from Sutton, is staging the 2012 Lurcherlympics and Torch Relay online to raise funds for Southern Lurcher Rescue.

The small UK voluntary organisation based in the South of England, is dedicated to the work of rehoming unwanted lurchers.

Lurcher owners can enter their dogs by sending photos to Mr Callaway of their dogs competing in one of the 12 events or "catdogeries" ranging from Catching the Ball and Carrying the Stick, to Yoga, Destruction of Anything, and Synchronised Swimming.

Mr Callaway said: "It’s a bit of fun, and a way of raising funds using the Olympics to gain interest."

Entrance cost £1, with the dog judged winner in each event sent a knitted Lurcher.

To raise further funds, Mr Callaway is also running an online Torch Relay, where Lurcher owners can buy a space on a map of the areas the charity works in, which has a torch route drawn out on it.

The majority of spaces on the board cost £2, but others for more generous dog lovers take a donation of up to £25 to snatch up.

Mr Callaway organised the event to give something back to the charity, from which he got his own three-and-half-year-old lurcher, Lewis.

For more information visit pawtrax.co.uk/lurcherlympics or mail info@pawtrax.co.uk