Wimbledon mums Stephanie Nimmo and Sam Carlisle have both dedicated their lives to caring for their daughters, who were born with life-limiting genetic disorders.

Now their two families are fronting a national campaign for the charity Jeans for Genes.

They have taken part in a video campaign called Dreams for Genes, encouraging schools and workplaces to raise money through Jeans for Genes Day on September 22.

Stephanie’s daughter, Daisy, died in January, aged 12 from complications of Costello Syndrome. She was friends with Sam’s daughter, Elvi, 15, one of only three children in the UK with the genetic disorder RCDP.

Sam said: “Our girls both attended Linden Lodge Special School in Wimbledon and were good friends.

"They loved going bowling together in their wheelchairs at the David Lloyd Centre in Raynes Park.

“They were both living with the devastating effects of genetic disorders. Daisy had countless operations and lost the ability to walk. Elvi has few words, learning difficulties and uses a wheelchair."

When Daisy died just a year after he dad, Andy, passed away from cancer, the families were devastated.

“This charity campaign is a way to raise awareness of these cruel conditions.

"More than 500,000 children in the UK are diagnosed with genetic disorders just because a gene is absent or not working properly.

“I am lucky enough to be on the Jeans for Genes grant panel so I see where money raised by schools and workplaces goes. It might be used for vital equipment or to get families with children with the same rare disorder together for a weekend so they can learn from each other and gain some respite.”

Stephanie, who has three other children, said: “I wish I could have spent longer with Daisy.”

Sign up your school or workplace for Jeans for Genes Day at www.jeansforgenesday.org