Joe McElderry is coming to Wimbledon this weekend for one night only.

He will bring his Saturday Night At The Movies Show to New Wimbledon Theatre on Saturday, August 12.

In an interview ahead of the big night, Joe named Wimbledon as one of his favourite venues.

He also said: "All ages can come along and have a good time. I like to chat to the audience and involve them, make them feel they’re part of the show, as though you could be performing for them in their living room. When you do that, everyone enjoys it 10 times more and we all have a blast.

"I’m at my happiest when I’m doing a live performance. I thrive off an audience, so I’m really looking forward to it. The album comes out on the very first night of the tour.

"People could have just got the album and then be able to hear it performed live straight away. That’s extremely rare. It’s a really exciting prospect that adds something a bit special to the show. "