Two talented young actors from Morden and Wimbledon bagged parts playing orphans in the West End production of Annie starring Miranda Hart.

The Wimbledon Guardian caught up with them for a chat.

Here’s what Ellicia Simondwood, 8, from Morden and Carla Dixon, 13, from Wimbledon had to say about their lives and amazing experience in Annie.

Why did you want to be an actor?

E: I have been singing, dancing and acting since I was two years of age. Acting helps me to express myself and I love playing the part of other characters.

C: I love dancing, singing and acting and ever since I can remember I have played ‘making shows’ with my sister and friends for whoever was there to watch. I love being on stage!

How did you get the part in Annie?

E: I was called for an audition, there were hundreds of children! I had to prepare a song - I sung 'I'd do anything' from Oliver Twist. I was then recalled for another audition. We were split into smaller groups and I had to dance and sing songs from Annie. I got through this round and was called back for another audition, the next day. I then got down to the last 5 girls auditioning for the role of Molly. A few days later my agent called my mum and told her I got the part, I was so happy!

C: I auditioned over three weeks. The auditions were a lot of fun although you feel a bit nervous.

How did you feel when you got the part?

E: I was just so happy, I think I may have cried a little when my mum told me the news.

C: It was a great sense of achievement because of the strong competition. I was so happy!

What is it like acting in a West End show?

E: It’s hard work but such an amazing experience. I just can't wait to get back on the stage, acting is what I love doing the most.

C: This is my second West End show and I love the excitement in every performance. It is a commitment for everyone in the family and you must be focused to keep up with school work. I really enjoy learning from the older professionals in the show. There is a lot of work behind the scenes and it is great to be part of it.

What do you want to do in the future?

E: I would love to do more West End shows, or act on the TV.

C: I definitely want to make a career in the performing arts world, hopefully as a performer but I imagine myself always being in this industry in some way.

Who is your favourite actor?

E: My favourite actor is Adam Sandler he is so funny. He plays his characters so well and he always makes me laugh. I love the film 'Bedtime Stories' and his voice over in 'Hotel Transylvania'.

C: My two favourite actors are Robin Williams and Johnny Depp, because they are so versatile. They can act in a wide range of roles, and are good at comedy as well.

What is the most important thing to you in your life?

E: My family are very important to me and so is my best friend Kasia. They have supported me all the way, they are my biggest fans!

C: I don’t think I have one particular thing that is most important to me, friends and family go without saying, but performing in any form is clearly in my top two!

How did your friends and family react when you got the part?

E: When my mum told me the news she burst into tears. All of my friends and family were so proud of me. We had a huge BBQ with my friends and family to celebrate.

C: Everyone was very happy for me. Everyone knows how much performing means to me, so they are always happy for me and very supportive.

What is your favourite thing to do?

E: I love going to my theatre school every Saturday. My teachers are incredible. I am forever singing, dancing and acting and making up plays and dance routines. It can be very noisy in my house, at times.

C: Performing is my favourite thing to do, but when I’m not performing I love being with my friends inside and outside of school.

What would you say to inspire other young people to get into acting?

E: Believe in yourself, never give up on your dreams, even when at times it seems hard, continue trying and never give up.

C: Join a local musical theatre group. It helps you to make friends and become confident as a person. I went to Stage by Stage theatre arts and the local Stage Coach. We were lucky because a lot of the teachers are West End professionals. They definitely inspired me to audition for shows and get into the industry.

Annie is playing at the Piccadilly Theatre until January 6 2018.