People have been enjoying the Summer Sit Out on Wimbledon Broadway for the last two weeks, and may be able to enjoy it again more permanently.

Following on from the success of the tennis screening on The Piazza outside Morrisons, employees, visitors and residents alike still had somewhere to come and sit, relax and enjoy a bite to eat, or catch up with friends and colleagues when the Championships ended.

Love Wimbledon, who organised the space, say they are now lobbying for a more permanent seating seat due to the Sit Out's success.

Helen Clark Bell, CEO of Love Wimbledon, said: “Over the past few years Love Wimbledon has provided deckchairs on sunny days on The Piazza and they have been very popular. We are delighted our ‘Summer Sit Out’ has been so well received providing a lunch spot for employees, resting spot for shoppers and a picnic zone for families.

"Love Wimbledon will be lobbying for a more permanent seating area to meet these needs in the town as future opportunities arise.”