Rules on voting age ceased to apply at King's College School today, June 8.

Organised by the school's History and Politics society, a mock election was held to give pupils a full election day experience.

The school, in Southside, Wimbledon set up a polling station in a classroom at lunchtime. Students casted votes electronically for their preferred party.

Each class formed its own constituency across years seven to 13. Due to exams, the older years participated by putting in their own postal votes. Staff also cast votes in the ballot.

The results were broadcasted on a screen in the dining hall, showing the leading party in each "constituency" as the results were cast.

The Liberal Democrat Party won the day, and has been voted in as the school's ruling party. In a shock twist, the Green Party came in at second, in an apparent conspiracy by one crafty year nine form.

Mr Nicholas Knowland, leader of the History and Politics Society, said the mock election came after clued-up pupils held an impressive electoral debate. They represented six different political parties.

Mr Knowland said: "Today, a polling station was opened and all senior school pupils were invited to vote in a past the post electoral system.

"The pupils were given a thoroughly rewarding and genuine experience of the electoral process, courtesy of the History and Politics Society”.

The final results were: 

Liberal Democrats - 50% 

Green Party - 25% 

Conservative - 20% 

Labour - 5%