The first Jewish primary school to open in South London will be called Mosaic Jewish Primary School (MJSP).

The new name will also be reflected in the logo and uniform which have been developed in conjunction with group of prospective parents and supporters. Their children were also involved in selecting their new school uniform.

The new name and logo of a circle of children holding hands, reflects many aspects of the school’s Jewish and inclusive ethos and aims to reflect the core principles of respect, inspiration and excellence.

Earlier this week the first group of reception children were told they would be joining the school when it opens in Queensmere Road, Wimbledon, in September.

Kate Baum, Head Teacher Designate MJPS said: “We are very excited to share our new name. Each stone in a mosaic is crucial to the whole.

“If any stone is missing, the whole is incomplete and each stone is bonded with its neighbour. This is how we feel about the pupils and families in our school.”