Hot on the heels of the Queen’s historic first visit to Mitcham last week, Wimbledon shoppers will be able to catch a glimpse of her - albeit just a lookalike.

Mary Reynolds, a dead ringer for Queen Elizabeth II, will meet and greet customers at a champagne reception on May 30, at Elys in Worple Road, Wimbledon.

The department store is holding a Shopping Event and Fashion Show in which the fake Queen, and a beefeater who holds the world record for vocal endurance, will appear courtesy of Raynes Park agency StarTurn Entertainment.

Ian Turner, Elys marketing manager, said: “StarTurn is providing some great entertainers for our special jubilee event and I can’t wait to meet ‘the Queen’.

“It is going to be a spectacular day for our customers with great savings and entertainment.”

The champagne reception begins at 6.30pm before the fashion show at 7pm.

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