Improvements to road surfaces and footpaths are being made for road users and pedestrians as part of Wandsworth Council’s £5 million neighbourhood investment programme.

In the 12 months leading up to April 2018, there are plans to completely resurface the roads across the borough with an aim to ensure safer journeys for cyclists and motorists.

A sum of £3 million has been set aside for the resurfacing work and will involve 40 roads as part of the facelift.

This includes additional money on top of the borough’s pothole repair budget which, for this current financial year, stands at more than £1.5 million.

Since April 2012, the council is said to have invested £3.4 million in fixing potholes and keeping more than 230 miles of road surface the council is responsible for maintaining in a ‘good’ state of repair.

The council also says more than 35,000 potholes have been fixed over this period of time as well.

Last year, the council spent £1 million relaying pavements and this year the amount is said to be doubled to £2 million, which will fund the renewal of entire pavements in more than 30 local residential roads.

In addition to new pavements another 150 street streets will be planted in residential areas this year, with approximately 16,000 street trees now around in the borough of Wandsworth.

A further £340,000 has been received in the form of a grant by the council from Transport for London (TfL) which will be used to fund road resurfacing in Garratt Lane and Falcon Road.

Councillor Jonathan Cook, transport spokesman, said: “We know that our residents take great pride in the borough which is why we put this amount of resource into these road and pavement upgrades.

“Dealing with worn out road surfaces, repairing potholes and renewing pavements makes travel in all its forms safer for residents across the board whether they are walking, riding or driving.

“It is through the council’s prudent management of its finances that we are able to find this money and keep our borough’s streets and pavements looking good.”