An eco-friendly cyclist who has been crowned a green energy champion is hoping to get a £10,000 boost for his new community cycling project.

Trevor Lenthall, 51, from Epsom Downs, runs his business and bike training workshops, Trevor's Cycling Services, in schools and parks in Sutton.

He has been chosen as one of 11 champions of sustainability by EDF Energy for their Team Green Britain Heroes programme.

Mr Lenthall has set up cycle clubs, he teaches people how to maintain their bikes, and he has also set-up a community-based bike recycling project in partnership with Sutton Council.

He now needs votes in order to win £10,000 to help his pioneering business.

Mr Lenthall said: "I'm currently running eight after-school cycle clubs, with constant requests for more, so any extra funding will help expand the scheme and fund more instructors and clubs.

"At present I'm also out every weekend running cycle road shows at schools and community events - these prove very popular, and demonstrate the underlying fondness most people have for cycling.

"If I win I get £10,000 to fund the project that will be used to fund a shop unit for a year.

"I would like to have it in North Cheam as part of one of the regeneration areas in the borough.

"Sutton has done its very best to support cycling, but despite significant TfL funding, can still only focus on the Year 6 training - not on building meaningful family links to cycling that will make cycling become a habit in later life."

His three main aims are to restore and recycle bikes, to teach people about bike mechanics and cycle training for families and young children.

Mr Lenthall only has the use of one arm after motorbike accident a few years ago. However he has adapted all his modes of transport including two sets of gears on his bicycle with an attachment to hold his injured arm to the handle bars.

He also works hard to reduce his carbon footprint. He installed solar panels on his house 15 years ago, cycles everywhere and rarely uses the car.

To vote for Mr Lenthall visit