Olympic cyclist and record breaker, Joanna Rowsell, is back in Cheam after regaining the world title in Team Pursuit.

Miss Rowsell, 23, teamed up with Laura Trott and Dani King to become world champion in the Women’s Team Pursuit in Melbourne on April 5.

The Australian team broke the world record, set by the GB team, less than two months ago at the London World Cup.

However, Miss Rowsell and the GB team managed to dash the Australians record and regain their title.

She said: “It was our last competition before the Olympic games.

“We had a qualifier and a final a couple of hours apart – in the Olympics it will be over two days.

“It’s quite tiring adjusting to the time zone; that’s why we went out early."

She said before the championships they heard rumours that their competitors were getting fast.

She said: “We had to keep our cool and not freak out – we got our record back straight away.

“We were really pleased we broke the record again.”

The championships have geared Miss Rowsell up for the Olympics with less than four months to go.

She said: “We are the favourites now so that’s quite a lot of pressure.

“We’ve got our work cut out ahead of us – everyone in the world is catching up with us.

Miss Rowsell trains six times a week and on her one day off she has a well earned “duvet day”.

While she is back at her family home in Cheam she trains in the roads around Box Hill and the Epsom Downs.