A brave teacher allowed pupils to take a razor to his moustache last week.

Head teacher of Devonshire Primary School, Martin Kearsey, 53, had been growing his facial hair for a month in aid of Movember.

The aim of the charity is to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, in particular prostate cancer.

Mr Kearsey, from Worcester Park, decided he would let the children have the honour of shaving it off on Wednesday November 30.

Mr Kearsey said: "I chose the one's with the steady hands and there was no blood.

“It went really well, I raised £150 from bucket collections and obviously the children were entertained.

“I did it to raise awareness of men’s health issues; similar women’s charities are well supported, but us blokes aren’t as good at talking about things.”

“It was also a bit of fun, but I was glad to get rid of it and thank you to everyone who sponsored me.”