Traffic through Worcester Park has ground to a near standstill as Thames Water works to repair a leaking water main on Malden Road.

Work commenced yesterday and is not expected to finish until Tuesday morning.

Frustrated drivers have reported that it has taken an hour and a half to drive through Worcester Park and that when they got to the leak site there was no sign of men at work.

Temporary traffic lights are being used to control the traffic flow at the junction with Field Place.

Denise Smith said: "I left Tescos garage at 7.20 this morning and eventually got onto the A3 at 8.50am. Because of the traffic I didn’t go down the main road but used the side streets.

"There were no announcements on the radio or any signs to indicate what the problem was. Motorists eventually found out because someone in the traffic rang Radio Jackie to see if anyone further down could let them know what was wrong, someone else rang in to Radio Jackie to tell them it was a water leak.

"I have been driving through the leak, twice a day, for over 2 weeks, so why did they choose first thing on a Friday morning to dig it up?

"And what’s worse, when I got to the hole, there wasn’t even anyone working on it. There were no signs just a hole coned off with a set of traffic lights letting one lane of traffic through. It took me over an hour and a half to drive 3 miles.

"Not a happy bunny knowing that I will probably face the same chaos on my way home tonight!"

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