A Worcester Park man has been warned he faces jail after launching into a vicious attack on his former partner in New Malden High Street.

Kieran Timoney, of Kingshill Avenue, Worcester Park, admitted kicking and slapping his ex-girlfriend and tearing a chunk of her hair so hard he created a bald patch.

Kingston Magistrates’ Court heard on Tuesday, February 17, that Timoney’s 18-month relationship with his partner ended in December 2008.

But he became angry when he bumped into her in New Malden on February 7 and she spurned his advances when he asked for a kiss.

Lynn Shepherd, prosecuting, told the court Timoney, 20, became enraged after then seeing texts and phone numbers on the victim’s phone.

He started screaming at her before attacking her in view of horrified shoppers, who called police.

The victim was left cowering behind a telephone box as Timoney attacked her and tore a clump of hair from her head.

He also smashed her mobile phone and camera, causing £400 worth of damage.

The victim was left with two black eyes, bruising to her legs and buttocks and a bald patch where her hair had been pulled out.

Mrs Shepherd said: “This was a very unpleasant offence committed in a public high street.

“The victim was knocked to the floor and the defendant continued to kick her. The potential was there for far more serious and permanent injury.”

Timoney, who was described to the court as of previous good character, admitted actual bodily harm and criminal damage.

Adjourning the case until March 10 for probation reports, magistrate Tony Salem said: “I must tell you that it is such a serious matter we will consider all the options, including custody or referring you to the crown court if we feel our sentencing powers are insufficient.”