Sutton is London’s happiest place - that’s according to research presented at the annual conference of the Royal Geographical Society and the Institute of British Geographers yesterday.

Using data from the British Household Panel Survey, where people were asked about their sense of wellbeing, the researchers were able to draw up a map of happiness across England, Scotland and Wales.

After adding factors such as employment, health and educational qualifications, the team of researchers found Sutton was the seventh happiest place in live in the country out of 273 districts and one of the few places in the south of England to score highly.

It’s the only London borough to come in the top 30.

The study was conducted by Dr Dimitris Ballas at the Department of Geography, University of Sheffield in collaboration with Dr Mark Tranmer at the University of Manchester. Dr Ballas said: ”There really is something about the intrinsic nature of places which can influence happiness and wellbeing. The environment, lack of green spaces, air and noise pollution, crime rates: all of these influence happiness.”

Sutton Council deputy leader Colin Hall said: “This research shows Sutton’s residents are some of the happiest in the country.

“Sutton is a borough with a lot going for it – a strong community spirit, some of the best schools in England, low crime rates and an excellent environmental record.”

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