A hospital in Cheam has been upgraded via a £30 million investment for a new theatre complex.

Spire St Anthony’s Hospital, located on Cheam Road, was equipped with its first operating theatre in 1904 for just £225.

The recent £30 million funding has contributed to six new theatres and a musculoskeletal centre comprising of a gym and hydrotherapy pool.

Bryan Harty, director of Spire St Anthony's, said: “This hospital isn’t just of historical significance locally, it plays an important role in the area’s health economy, working closely with neighbouring NHS hospitals, GPs, doctors and nurses.

“Today we host some of London and Surrey’s leading surgeons and we are able to treat people from right across the country. The recent £30 million investment means patients benefit from the latest in medical technology and consultants are able to perform complex procedures with confidence, whilst providing an extensive range of treatments, some of which are not available elsewhere in the country.”

The six new operating theatres includes a hybrid theatre with equipment that allows clinicians to look at live imagery as they operate.

An anaesthetic care unit has been built with eight adult bays and one dedicated for children.

The hospital has a new sterile services unit housing the latest decontamination equipment.

Later this year a new MRI suite will be introduced as well as the refurbishment of wards and the consulting room.