Wrong platforms, false train arrival details and half complete security notices have plagued people using Kew Gardens and Richmond stations for years but Transport for London says upgrades are on the way.

Burt Benham, of Nylands Avenue, Kew, said: “It’s been utter chaos here for years.

“When they display emergency information it doesn’t scroll so all you get is “Important announcement. If you see...” and not get any further.

“The thing has been programmed badly and is impossible to rely on.”

The problem is just as bad he said at Richmond Station with passengers frequently told the first train to depart for Kew Gardens is on one platform only to see it leave from another.

Stuart Forbes is a customer service agent at Kew Gardens and has been fighting to get better information.

In a letter seen by the Richmond and Twickenham Times he said: “As the information I requested was not part of the timetable the describer board could not be changed.

“However (it was suggested) that I contact Willesden Junction and ask if the information could be altered from there.

“On contacting WIllesden Junction I was told that they had no power to change the information as this was outside their jurisdiction.

“So it is back to square one.

“The fares are to rise but the customer cannot avail themselves of correct information."

A TfL spokesperson confirmed boards at Kew Gardens have been experiencing technical problems recently which meant they were not showing accurate District Line information.

He said: “London Underground is working to resolve this and in the long term a new system will be installed towards the end of 2009."