Hundreds of residents who could lose their homes through controversial changes to housing benefits can get support from Sutton Council.

The council is offering help to people at risk of losing their homes, particularly in the wake of changes to the Local Housing Allowance, which has capped the amount of housing benefit in certain areas.

Those currently receiving housing benefit but are struggling to pay the remainder of their rents may also be eligible for a discretionary housing payment (DHP).

Support is also available to anyone worried about their rents.

They are offering advice and help to help residents renegotiate their rent, find ways of making up the shortfall, or find somewhere new.

The service is contacting those who claim housing benefit and may be at risk, but it is open to anyone living in Sutton.

Councillor Jayne McCoy, Sutton Council's executive member for planning, economic development and housing, said: "A lot of people think that if they earn a wage, live in private accommodation or pay a mortgage rather than rent, then they are on their own when times get tough.

"In fact, the council offers support based on who needs it most. There are lots of different benefits, payments and ways of getting advice, so if you are feeling the pinch because of rising housing costs then please do get in touch and see if we can help."

To apply for a DHP, complete an online form at or call 0208 770 5444.

To talk to a housing intervention officer, call Vinette Simpson on 0208 770 6889 if you have children, or Ian Denyer on 0208 770 5395 if you do not.