A mighty snake was found a slithering uninvited through a Kew resident’s home over the bank holiday weekend.

The shocked homeowner discovered the reptile up against her kitchen cupboards and called the police at approximimately 3pm on Monday (May 29) out of concern.

Police took the cold-blooded animal to the nearby Medivet Richmond 24-hour emergency centre, in Lower Richmond Road, but are still waiting to see if it belongs to an owner.

A spokesperson for Richmond Police said: “It is suspected that it may be a pet snake escaped from a local owner. Possibly a corn snake from comments from followers.

“We await anyone coming to claim the snake back."

Trevor Rose, reptile expert and secretary of the British Herpetological Society, confirmed from the image that the magnificent creature discovered is a corn snake.

Mr Rose said: “They are one of the most commonly kept reptiles in captivity. They are harmless and tactile, considered a “beginner” level species as they are very easy to maintain, feeding on small defrosted rodents.

“This one appears to be a healthy full grown specimen, and has obviously escaped from its enclosure in the near vicinity.

“I imagine it would not be difficult to locate the owner and reunite them.”

If you have any information or are the owner of the snake please contact the Met police on met.bureau@met.police.uk