Volunteers are being urged to take part in a community project to help restore an eyesore in time for Easter.

Worcester Park Baptist Church has launched the scheme, which aims to cuts back trees, restore flower beds and tidy up an open space which was left damaged and derelict after past maintenance works.

Kingston Council laid a new path, cleared up rubbish and arranged for the grassed area, in The Avenue, opposite the rail station, to be top soiled and seeded in February.

Now the church is looking for people to help transform the site, which commuters pass each day, in two days of action, on Saturday, March 10 and Saturday, March 17.

Lucy Wright, Associate Minister of the church, said: "We wanted to show and share God’s love with folk in the local community in a very practical way and partner with others.

"So we came up with the idea of restoring the open space at the end of The Avenue which had become a bit of an eyesore.

"We will be planting evergreen and colourful shrubs – and daffodils of course, which we hope will be in flower for Easter."

The church plans to incorporate the revamped site in the Easter weekend celebrations on April 6 and 8.

New Malden Councillor Ken Smith said: "We welcome this community initiative which can make a tremendous difference to the local environment.

"This is a great example of local enthusiasm and drive being targeted to make a significant difference to the experience of the whole community."

For more information and to get involved visit wpbc.org.uk or phone 020 8330 5282.