Leading fast food chain picks an Epsom charity garden for a starring role in its new promotional TV advert.

Mcdonald’s asked Richmond Fellowship’s – ‘The old moat garden centre’ in Horton Lane if they could use it as the location for their recent ‘Did someone say Maccy D’s?” advert.

Viewers can see a happy, young girl skip through the sun-filled greenhouse surrounded by flowers as part of the brands new video featuring pop-rock song ‘You make my dreams’ by Daryl Hall and John Oats.

Jonathan Glinos, centre manager said: “We were delighted that these two hugely well-known companies wanted to film at The Old Moat. We know what a bright and welcoming place it is but it was thrilling to know that a perceptive location scout had spotted its potential too.”

The garden centre also featured in the latest British Seniors advert for their ‘over 50s life insurance’ campaign.

The Richmond Fellowship is a national mental health charity and is dedicated to helping people with mental health issues recover by offering work experience and training so they can gain the confidence and skills to move forward in their lives.

Debbie Dibble, team leader for the fellowship said: “The Old Moat is very much part of the community and we are delighted that this seems to have been recognised.

“In the therapeutic environment of the garden centre and its shop and café we help people with mental health problems.

“The proceeds from the running of the garden centre go directly back into the service so this extra bonus from the filming income is very welcome.”