It was a first for Bake Off this week as the competitors took on the notoriously difficult challenge of caramel.

Sophie Faldo went into the tricky week on the back of an average bisuit week looking to impress Paul and Prue.

Sophie, West Molesey's Bake Off Star, started last night's episode by baking a four layered Jaffa cake inspired millionaire's shortbread.

The stunt woman and self-taught baker's idea excited presenter Noel Fielding, but it didn't quite come off how she would have hope as she ran out of time.

Paul said the flavours were good - including the tricky caramel - but it was disappointing her presentation let her down with only some of her shortbread's completed.

Nobody shone in the technical challenge and Sophie came middle of the pack.

The task was to make Dutch stroopwafel, a challenge the baker's found tough. Sophie came fourth, with grainy caramel holding her waffle's together.

Our judo enthusiast's showstopper was a Bird Nest Caramel Cake, which suffered slightly because of humidity in the tent but was still impressive nonetheless.

Sophie's showstopper was well received by the judges, with Paul Hollywood calling it "very very elegant."

Mr Hollywood went as far as to say it was "magnificent."

High praise indeed.

Next week is pudding week on Bake Off, which will be on Channel 4 at 8pm on Tuesday.