A driver crashed into a tree while trying to ‘avoid a fox’ on a waterlogged road in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The blue car was spotted wedged between a tree and a hedge at the side of Salisbury Road, Worcester Park yesterday (Sunday, July 30) after the crash.

The driver approached Richard Johnson, who runs a community Facebook page for the town, as the blogger took photos of the wreckage.

He told Mr Johnson a fox had run out in front of his car while he was driving during a downpour, and that as he attempted to emergency brake, his brakes responded as though he were on an ice rink and his car lurched towards the nearside kerb.

To compensate, the driver steered sharply to the right, but the car spun a full 180 degrees clockwise before the back of the car hit the tree, he told Mr Johnson.

Police officers and paramedics were called at about 2.20am and treated the driver for a bruised left arm at the scene.

Richard Johnson said the driver told him this was because his car seat had lifted from its mounting and collided with the passenger seat in the crash.

He added: “You’ll notice in the photos that the airbags weren’t deployed, confirming that this wasn’t a high-speed crash, but a straight-forward accident, with the car spinning on a slippery surface.

“Meanwhile, the fox that caused all this had fled.”

A Surrey Police spokesman stated: “There were no injuries and although officers attended there is no further police investigation.”

The South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb) and the London Ambulance Service (LAS) have both been contacted for comment.

SECAmb confirmed the service was not dispatched to the crash. LAS have not responded.