Worcester Park residents are being advised to keep spare keys out of sight and to prevent bins from being used as stepping stones after two neighbours were burgled on the same day.

An unspecified amount of cash and jewellery were snatched from neighbouring properties in the Avenue and Salisbury Road area sometime between 8am and 12pm on Thursday, April 20.

Your Local Guardian:
The junction of The Avenue and Salisbury Avenue. Pic credit: Google

Surrey Police officers are carrying out house-to-house enquiries and also giving reassurance and advice to residents.

A spokeswoman for the force also gave the following information:

  • Mark your property using property marking kits such as Selecta DNA/Smartwater
  • Register valuable property at immobilise.com it's free of charge and can deter a thief
  • Fit window locks and ensure French windows and patio doors are secure
  • Install low wattage security lighting that comes on automatically at dusk and goes off at dawn
  • Never leave door or car keys or other valuables in reach of a letter box or window
  • Do not leave spare keys hidden outside an intruder will find them
  • Keep your front and back doors shut and locked – even when you are at home
  • Treat a side or rear gate as another front door to your property and secure as you would a front door
  • Don't keep large amounts of money or jewellery at home. If you have to, use a home safe that is stored out of sight
  • Make sure your house looks occupied even when it isn’t. Use an automatic timer switch to turn interior lights on and off
  • Install a burglar alarm and set it every time you leave your home. A visible burglar alarm will make a potential intruder think twice
  • Secure your garage and shed too – equipment kept inside can be just as tempting for a thief
  • Don’t leave bins by a side gate so they can be used as stepping stones

Going away? As well as the above:

  • Don't discuss holiday plans in front of strangers
  • Don't post details on social media
  • Cancel milk and newspaper deliveries
  • Get your bins put out by a neighbour on bin day
  • Mow the lawn and tidy the garden
  • Ask someone you trust to collect your mail
  • Give a trusted neighbour contact details in case of emergency
  • Ask your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme to keep an eye on your property
  • When travelling, don't display your home address on your luggage tags.

Inspector Jackie Elkins, from Epsom and Ewell Neighbourhood Team, said “Your own home is the one place where you should feel safe and protected from intruders.

"It is imperative that all residents remain vigilant about home security, ensure that windows, doors and gates are securely locked and any fencing is adequate to protect your home. If you are in need of crime prevention advice please contact your local Neighbourhood Team.”

"If you have a vulnerable relative or neighbour please help by making them aware of the potential issues and keep an eye out for anyone that appears suspicious around their properties.”

The Epsom Guardian asked if Surrey Police could be more specific about what was stolen from the burglaries on April 20, but a spokeswoman for the force replied that it could not.

To offer information, call Surrey Police on 101 quoting reference 45170040692, or report online

To offer information anonymously, call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.